The GEM tool

The personalisation readiness mapping tool for North West disability groups/organisations. Brought to you by the Merseyside Disability Federation.

It can be hard to find the time to stand back and take stock of where an organisation is at and think about the things that could help it do better in the future. Such thinking is vital if organisations are to do as well as they could

If you have 10 minutes we would like to help you find out how well your group scores in three key areas 

Governance - Ethos - Money & Management

So how does it work?

The GEM tool is a set of just ten questions on each of these three key areas that are vital to all organisations

To get an idea of how things stand in your organisation right now GEM will ask you to think about ten statements in each of the three areas of activity. First think about whether the statement has any relevance for your organisation, does it describe something your organisation would like to do or already does. Then choose the response from the list that is the best fit for the current situation.

Here are the responses you will be asked to choose between.

  • Yes totally
  • Yes mostly
  • Yes a bit
  • Not really
  • Not yet
  • Don't know
  • Not applicable

At the end you will get an instant report based on your answers.

Your Report

For each of the three GEM strands your report will show overall how your organisation is doing at the moment.

It will give you details of some organisations that work to support groups across the North West who will be able to help you start to work out what your organisation could do next to develop itself.

Finally the report will show how your organisation compares to other organisations by benchmarking.

Benchmarking – what is it?

Benchmarking is when you get information about how your organisation is doing and can compare it to information about the same activities in other organisations. You can get a picture from this about where your organisation is doing really well but also an idea of what things other organisations are finding hard.


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