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Research for EHRC - personalisation and LGB&T communities

The Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) requested  a number of pieces of research in 2009 because of concerns about the new developments in the Personalisation of social care. EHRC considered that people who were not only disabled but also faced additional barriers might find getting access to the new Personalised services more difficult. Studies were commissionedin different English regions into Personalisation issues facing:

  • young people with mental health issues
  • people from BME communities
  • traveller communities  

In NW England the research commission was to study the problems that might face people from Lesbian, Gay Bi-Sexual and Trans-sexual (LBG&T) communities.

MDF was the lead partner in a consortium to study this issue - a partnership which also included:

  • the Lesbian and Gay Federation (LGF)
  • Breakthrough (UK) Ltd
  • the Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre (TREC)

Local authorities in the region were asked about policies they were planning in order to make Personalisation fully available and accessible to LBG&T communities; and people from the communities were asked about issues that they already had - or might have - with care, especially Personalisation.

The research was concluded in the first half of 2010. The different strands of this research are being put together by EHRC in a combined report which we expect to be available soon.