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EYDP - Learning to earning

EYDP - Learning to Earning

As part of the European Year of Disabled People, we developed a CD of information, designed to help disabled people in Merseyside who were thinking about making a change in their life - such as going into employment, education or training or taking up volunteering.

Our EYDP Training and Education Group wanted to produce information that could be used either in an information or support organisation, or directly by disabled people who were looking at making a change to their lives.

For a range of possible optionsm the Learning to Earning CD gave  brief advice on the advantages and possible difficulties, and pointed the way to other more detailed and specialised information and guidance sources that are available. We also included a number of case histories (some shown as short videos) of people's personal experience in making a change, and a section of advice to potential employers.

We designed the CD to be highly accessible. It was planned to operate easily on a wide range of computers and had a number of access features - its paragraphs were short, we wrote it very simple English, and all the text was recorded as a sound file which could be played at the click of the mouse.

We distributed the CDs freely to various support and advice organisations around Merseyside to use with, or to lend to, their clients.

Learning to Earning is no longer to available for distribution -  much of the information was specific to the policies and programmes available in Merseyside in 2005 and is now out-of-date.