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EYDP - Independent living

EYDP - Independent Living

A conference and exhibition on Independent Living - and especially on the financial support that can help that become a reality - formed part of the programme of activities  that we arranged for the European Year of Disabled People, and saw the launch of a toolkit we developed to help disabled people prepare for an assessment of their needs.

Around 150 people came to our conference at Aintree to receive information and inspiration about living more independently. Both the live speakers and videos provided examples of how disabled people could manage their own lives, and there was emphasis on the financial support that could be made available, especially through the Direct Payments scheme operated by local authorities.

Many disabled people face official assessments of their needs when they apply for Direct Payments or other financial help, and we launched at the conference a new check-list. This list was designed to help disabled people make a proper case about their needs, by making sure that no aspect of their life was overlooked, and in particular the additional costs that they face because of their impairment of illness. .

The event concluded with a small exhibition where a number of local authority departments and other support agencies were able to provide more detailed information and advice.