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Active Inclusion - Working Better

workingbetter logoActive Inclusion across Europe (Working Better)

MDF is a partner in an ESF-funded project of employment support for people with impairments and long-term conditions. This project - Working Better - is part of the ESF’s Active Inclusion programme of work. The partners are all independent of statutory agencies, and are working together to provide a range of services, often at an early stage after a diagnosis or an injury.

The other principal partners are:

  • Neurosupport (support and confidence building for people with neurological difficulties)
  • Wirral CVS (re-engaging people with learning)
  • Sahir House (support and training for people with HIV+/AIDS)
  • Trades Union Council in the North West (Mental Health support in the workplace for individuals and employers)
  • The Women's Organisation (TWO - entrepreneurship for women))

All of the EU Active Inclusion projects involve working with organisations in other parts of the European Union or other European Countries - the project's Transnational element. Partner organisations already have connections with organisations in Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania and these (and other connections) are used to develop links which help to share expertise and good practice. MDF’s role is to provide support for the research element in the project -  helping making sure that partners share an understanding of the lessons that are learned (both successes and problems)

As the centre of that research we are looking at Mentoring, something that is common to all projects, but may be operating in different ways in the projects, and also in their transnational partners. We hope to see if there are any aspects of best practice - or new ways of mentoring - that could be shared.

The principle Transnational Partner in the project is Socialinu Inovaciju Fondas (the Social Innovation Fund) of Kaunas, Lithuania. The SIF is involved in a wide range of areas, including unemployment in disadvantaged groups. It has a particular focus on women’s position in the labour market: equal pay, training and retraining, and women’s rights.

The three-year project is co-operating with the other five Transnational ESF projects in the UK. Exchanges and visits from partner organisations but also by the project "beneficiaries" - people benefiting from the project’s activities to improve their employment position - are an integral part of the programme.

For the latest information about the partnership, see the Working Better website.

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