North West Disability Infrastructure Partnership (NWDIP)


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NWDIP was a partnership that operated between 2010 and March 2013 to enable its members - from the five counties in the North West - to learn from one another’s existing resources, and to join forces to create knowledge and skills to address any gaps that are identified.

What did NWDIP do?

  • Develop improved training and advice to help make infrastructure services in the region accessible
  • Used a strategic approach to ensure that the needs of frontline groups inform policies, by increasing their representation at local, sub-regional and regional level
  • Strengthened the partners - all of which are existing innovative and effective sub-regional disabled people’s organisations

NWDIP was managed by Merseyside Disability Federation

NWDIP is supported by a grant from the Big Lottery's BASIS 2 programme.

Who was in NWDIP?

Access Lancashire

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Breakthrough (UK) Ltd

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Cumbria Disability Network

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Disability Information Bureau – Cheshire East



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Merseyside Disability Federation

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Warrington Disability Partnership