PA Network programme


Personal Assistants can make a vital difference to the independence and well-being of disabled people in the appropriate situation, and though family support can be preferred in some circumstances, a paid PA employed directly by the disabled person can be the optimal solution.


However, many people have no experience of either the practical issues of employment (including legal liabilities and obligations) or of the social and psychological aspects of the management of people. Disabled people may have additional problems of communication or of barriers to accessible information about these issues, and where personal care is involved this can add extra dimensions to the issues or management and supervision. Even where adequate funding is available, these practical questions can inhibit the employment PAs or of the use of PAs in the best way,


Comprehensive, up-to-date, targeted and reliable information available in an accessible way can make relations between carers and PAs better for both, which can help remove barriers disabled people in their personal life and in potential employment.


This programme involves establishing methods of accessible online connection, to share detailed information, and to benefit people who cannot attend each event. Once established such links with individual disabled people could continue at little additional cost. This would provide further sharing of experiences between existing members of the project, and also available for others in the same circumstances to join, building up an increasingly rich resource of locally-based information, This information sharing would parallel the links that we have had in place for many years to share information with the many voluntary groups in Merseyside and around that are of and for disabled people.



A Social Media Facebook page is now available for Disabled People who employ or are looking to employ a PA.  Called “Merseyside PA Employers' Peer Support Network”.


Meeting also include:

  • 19/11/13 - Horror Stories or Happy Ever After
  • 10/12/13 - A Beginner’s Guide to Employing personal assistants
  • 14/1/14 - Eligibility Criteria, Funding and Challenging Decisions
  • 21/1/14 - Employment Law
  • 11/2/14 - Support Planning 
  • 11/3/14 - Lessons learnt & Questions asked