Personalisation survey 2012

Survey on Personalisation

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What's happening about Personalisation?

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Funding Bid? Avoid these common mistakes

Do They turn down your applications for funds?

Third Sector suggests some common pitfalls to avoid

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10 days to Olympics 6832 days to payback of Big Lottery funds

Logo for campaign to return Big Lottery fundsBig Lottery funding used for Olympics to be paid back by April ... 2031

The money to help pay for the Olympics and Paralympics that was taken out of the funds available through Big Lottery will be repaid from the mid 2020s. It should be all available again for voluntary groups by the end of the financial year 2030-31.

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Census confirms social care timebomb?

census2011_rgbNational figures confirm the continuing increase in numbers of older people

The first statistics from the 2011 national Census of Population were released on 16/7/12. These first figures relate to the total population numbers and structure.

(Information about numbers who are disabled - those with a limiting long-term illness or condition - and about people providing care will come at a later date.)

These figures confirm the continuing trend to a larger population (particularly in younger age groups) and to a population that is on average getting older. Both of these have continuing and long-term implications for the cost of, and the need for, social care.

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