VCF economy of scale "mantra"?

University study challenges the "mantra" that mergers and partnerships are always the best way forward for the sector

With government policy calling for charities to merge -  and Liverpool City continuing to set out a vision of mergers in social care as a way to survive the funding crisis - new academic research has challenged some of this thinking, and the assumptions that are driving the push for partnership working and bigger voluntary sector organisations.

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Liverpool budget cuts first proposals

Liverpool budget cuts first proposals

Liverpool City Council set out a first list of possible budget cuts over the next three years on 17/10/12. To see the full list and timings go to this City Council webpage.

There was a meeting for Voluntary and Community Sector groups in Liverpool at the Town Hall on 18/10/12. Where - at the moment - do they think the cuts will be made?

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Benefit changes & consultations

Benefit changes - Social Fund and Council Tax for people with low incomes

From April 2013 the existing DWP Social Fund arrangements are closing and Council Tax Support (for people on low income) is changing. Both of these types of support will in future be organised by your local council. There will be less money from government next year for these benefits (and probably even less is the years after).

In future, local councils will have to decide locally who they support, and how much support they

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Disabled tourists ignored?

"...few consumer groups are as ignored as the disabled"

A new special edition of the academic journal World Leisure focuses on "Leisure Health and Disability", including articles on attitudes toward disabled customers, and the long-standing problem that many leisure and tourism operators don't believe that there is a "disability market" worth catering for.

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