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Adult care in Halton

Discussion on Adult Social care in Halton with Halton Disability Partnership

A dozen people from Halton Disability Partnership (HDP) – Trustees, staff and volunteers – met in Runcorn on May 22nd to discuss the draft of the second Adult Social Care Annual Report from Halton Council.

Liz Gladwyn the Council’s Commissioning Manager for Disabled Adults came to the meeting. (She is the council officer who is in charge of deciding how the council spends the funds it has for adult care). She promised to take back for consideration a number of points about the draft that were raised. These included the need for

  • More clarity in presentation – for example with year-on-year comparisons so that the statistics made more immediate sense, and with technical abbreviations spelled out
  • More reference to the significant part paid by Third Sector and other non-Council organisations in social care
  • More focus on what was happening to progress the Personalisation of social care in the Borough
  • More information about the impact of the budget cuts on social care

The meeting hoped that the report – and especially versions of it prepared in future years – could move away from just being a look back at the previous year’s Adult Care activities by the Council (a report which was required by the government). HDP hoped that it could incorporate a much broader picture of things that are of vital interest to disabled people in the Borough but are not directly part of the Council’s Social Care Budget – accessibility of pavements, and availability of transport services were mentioned.

One useful way ahead suggested would be to base the report on “Making it Real”. These are a series of statements developed by the Think Local Act Personal partnership They are designed to provide benchmarks to show how much progress an area is making towards personalised, community-based support.

Another suggestion for the future was that in the spirit of Co-production, HDP should be involved at a much earlier stage, so that the voice of disabled people in the Borough was an integral part of the creation process, rather than a reaction to what was produced.


If you live in Halton Borough and want to make your own comment on the draft report, you can do that up until the end of May.