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Blue Badge Car Care Scheme?

Plan for a Blue Badge Car Care Scheme.

Peter Ogunsiji is considering setting up a social enterprise car care scheme in Liverpool for people who are unable to carry out basic maintenance checks on their car. (This could include people with impairments, or those who are not sure how to carry out basic safety checks). 


The plan

The idea is that the Blue Badge Car Care (BBCC) service will provide basic maintenance checks and car washing facilities, primarily for Blue Badge holders, pensioners, or those who are unable to carry out checks for what ever reason

The services on offer will be:

  • Steam cleaning and brush up
  • Tyre pressure and wear checks
  • Oil level checks
  • Light operating checks
  • Windscreen wash checks

"All of the above services will be undertaken by trainees and trained staff under the supervision of a senior mechanic / manager to ensure quality and safety standards."

Useful to you?

There's a short online survey with a few questions that will enable Peter to judge whether the scheme might be used at :