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L-pool care charges up? Consultation (to 17/3)

Consultation by Liverpool City Council on changes to the charges for Social Care

Liverpool City Council is proposing changes to the contributions people have to make to the care that they receive. They are consulting about these proposals until 17/3/13.

What are the changes?

The main proposed changes include:

  • making·your individual housing costs part of the your financial assessment (at the moment everyone gets·a standard 10% discount for costs - so this change may mean relatively lower charges if your housing costs are higher than average)
  • at the moment no-one contributes more than £222 a week to their social care from the Council - the plan is to remove (or to raise) this "cap", so people with higher incomes would probably pay more for their care
  • at the moment you only pay once your finances have been assessed - so people often get a number of weeks free care while that is being done. The plan is to have a flat charge of £20/week straight away (with refunds if that turns out to be too high once the full assessment is done)
  • they plan to charge for some things that are currently free: telecare, medication prompts, storage, cleaning, kennelling
  • homecare would be charged in 15-minute units (at the moment the charging is in 30-minute blocks)
  • increase charges for care services. There are two alternatives proposed for this
  1. to increase all charges by 3%
  2. to concentrate on those care services that are see as most heavily "subsidised", and make a higher charge to the users. The plan is that the maximum subsidy would be 50%. For some people tthis means that the care charge would rise from £25/hour in 2013 to £43/hour in 2015 - but they say that there are few people using these particular services whose finances mean that they have to make a contribution themselves·

More information?

We can only give a quick summary here. For full details and a range of documents to download (including Easy Read explanations) go to to the Liverpool City Council website at .

You'll also find there details of seven local consultations meetings (between 29/1/13 and 14/2/13) - and how to book your place at the meeting.

How to respond to the consultation?

You can reply online or contact them for a paper survey.