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Continuing Care: new 30/9 claim deadline

Continuing Health Care - 30/9/12 deadline for many back claims for funding 

There's a new deadline for funding of Continuing Health Care (CHC). If the claim is about care provided before March 2011 it must be made by the end of this month.

Continuing Health Care  is healthcare outside of hospital for people with long-term health needs that require (for example) specialised nursing support. Even though care is given at home (or in a care home) it may be funded by the NHS.

CHC is not available for everyone with a long-term condition or impairment. (There is more explanation here about Continuing Health Care).

Primary Care Trusts receive CHC claims and check that they are eliglble. The will be handing this task over to the new Care Commissioning Groups in April next year. Because of this there are now deadlines for any claims about care  that was provided in the past.

  • Care given between 1/4/04 and 31/3/11? Any claim for funding need to be made before 30/9/12.

  • Between 1/4/11 and 31/3/12? Claims must be made before 31/3/13.

These deadlines won't affect claims which have already been made (and are already being assessed for eligibility).

  • You can see more information about the new deadlines here on the Department of Health website.

  • If you want A4 posters about this to display to your group, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and tell her how many you need

  • To find out how to claim for assessment for CHC in Merseyside, contact

NHS Merseyside Continuing Healthcare Team
PO Box 23
Nutgrove Villa
Westmorland Rd
L36 6GA