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Joint Forum becomes reVision

reVision - new group seeks radical alternatives to psychiatry

The former Joint Forum is being relaunched in Liverpool as reVision on 20/9/12 at 1:00pm

"We are a coalition of radical activists who believe in the social model of mental health.

"We are seeking to be a voice for change by promoting and exploring knowledge and understandings of the social, economic and political causes of mental distress, and by proposing socially derived alternatives to medicalised approaches.

"Our vision is a society in which the social causes of mental distress are understood and treated with socially based solutions that improve individual lives and bring about wider social change.

"We will be welcoming new members to the organisation at the launch, and are looking for people who seek radical alternatives to psychiatry and who have a critical, political understanding of the social causes of mental distress.

Speakers at the event are:

  • Helen Spandler, member of Asylum and contributer to Critical Psychiatry
  • Malcolm Kinney, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Social Work, LJMU
  • Phil O’Hare, Senior Lecturer: School of Social Work, UCLAN
  • Naphtali Titus Chondol, mental health activist
  • Jackie Patiniotis, freelance researcher with a particular interest in women’s mental health and working to end violence against women and girls

 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details