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Census confirms social care timebomb?

census2011_rgbNational figures confirm the continuing increase in numbers of older people

The first statistics from the 2011 national Census of Population were released on 16/7/12. These first figures relate to the total population numbers and structure.

(Information about numbers who are disabled - those with a limiting long-term illness or condition - and about people providing care will come at a later date.)

These figures confirm the continuing trend to a larger population (particularly in younger age groups) and to a population that is on average getting older. Both of these have continuing and long-term implications for the cost of, and the need for, social care.

 The total population has shown the highest decade's growth since 1801 and is now 56.1 million.

  • One out of every six people in England and Wales is now 65 or over (the highest ever recorded)
  • The number who are 90 or over is now 430,000 (an increase in nearly 100,000 in ten years).

The information released today is included in this Statistical Bulletin.