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Transport troubles?

Disability discrimination on public transport in the UK

National charity A2BForAll launched a new report this week in support of their campaign to fight the problems that disabled people have when using public transport.

A small online survey that they arranged showed that many disabled people have experienced discrimination or abuse when trying to use buses and trains, and their statistics are backed up by a number of personal stories.

These stories echo the stories that we also hear in Merseyside.

  • taxis that are suddenly busy when a wheelchair appears on the pavement
  • ticket staff who believe that SHOUTING is the only way to communicate with someone with hearing difficulties.

A2B have a number of strategies they are using to try and get changes

  • Collecting more individual stories. It is stories showing the problems of individual disabled people that they need to keep this issue in front of the media and in the in-boxes of MPs 
  • An e-petition. This  calls for a law to establish a Regulator (funded by public transport companies) to insist on training standards, and to investigate these discrimination complaints. They want to make sure that when a particular company has been frequently at fault, this information is taken into account when their contract comes up for renewal . The petition is at
  • Legal action under the Equality Act - they are arranging free consultation with their legal partners for any disabled person who feels they have been discriminated against. Get in touch with them for more information.