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MDF in France

Look Beyond Disability


Louise Barry and Chris Wardle from MDF - with Lindsey Sadler, Jackie Le Fevre and Mark Tennant representing North West Disability Infrastructure Partnership - are in Quimper (Brittany) this week as part of the Look Beyond Disability Project which is funded by the European Social Fund's Grundtvig programme.

The purpose of the event is to compare responses to disability in the UK and the rest of the EU, and to look at opportunities for future partnerships working. Other people attending the meeting in France represent groups from Ireland, Turkey, France, Belgium, and Poland.

Some of these delegates will be the guests of MDF on a return visit to the UK - including an event on 16/10/12 at Aintree, which will focus on Personalisation.

The photo at the top of the page shows the sign for the reserved area for disabled travellers at Orly airport (Paris) - where the party experienced excellent assistance. It includes a symbol indicating help for people with Learning Difficulties.

Other photos show:

  • Chris Wardle of MDF making a presentation at the meeting
  • Chris outside the hotel in Quimper
  • the Prefecture (admin. HQ) of the Departement.