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"Fulfilling Potential" - consultation results

Response by Office of Disability Issues to Fulfilling Potential - the consultation on disability strategy

  • Should disability awareness be part of the Investors in People assessment of business quality?
  • How can we build upon the legacy of the 2012 Paralympics to help change attitudes?
  • Is the government press campaign against "benefit scroungers" contributing to disability hate crime?

The national consultation on future strategies and policy for disability in the report Fulfilling Potential closed on 9/3/12 and some 500 responses (including suggestions like these listed above) were submitted. Nearly 200 of the submissions were from organisations - such as the one that Merseyside Disability Federation made on behalf of disability groups and their members in Merseyside.

We are impressed that the Office for Disability Issues (ODI) has already produced a 20-page summary of some of the key suggestions - and also an Easy Read version of it.

Funded government action on any of these ideas will take a longer time to organise  - but there are many interesting proposals to consider in the summary documents. These are thoughts that groups might be able to take up and campaign for at a more local level.