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Personalisation in NW England

carey_bamber_3Progress with Personalisation in the North West



Or, what is really happening out there?

The North West Disability Infrastructure Partnership (NWDIP) has been carrying out a study into the progress that Personalisation is actually making in the North West. As part of MDF's 2012 AGM, Carey Bamber set out to pass on to MDF Member organisations and others some of the findings of this work.

Information from meetings in all parts of the region, and from an online survey showed that there was both variation and consistency:

  • What was varied seemed to be the processes involved. Localism is a strong Coalition government policy, but it already seems to be the case that each of the 23 local authorities in North West England has gone about implementing Personalisation in a different way.
  • What was consistent seemed to be the problems reported by people who had experience of working with Personalistion - for their care needs or for others.
    • Some of these were general and external issues - the problem of trying to bring in a new system at the same time as national and local budget cuts.
    • Others were specific to Personalisaton: the time taken in the new bureaucracy; the lack of consistent knowledge about how it should work; a limiting of promised flexibility and choice; and a poorly developed "market" to deliver services that disabled people want or to advise them on the choices available.

The presentation made at the event can be seen here.

 A fuller report from NWDIP is now available to download.