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Halton disability groups' Big Lottery sucesses

HDP and HAFS get Big Lottery awards

"Halton Disability Partnership – the new organisation set up in 2010 to work for the 25,000 disabled people in Runcorn and Widnes – has been awarded a £218,000 grant by the Big Lottery over the next 5 years.

"Halton Council helped to set up this new group (and continues to provide some funding) – but HDP is a totally independent organisation, led by and controlled by disabled people.

"HDP already runs the Halton Disability Forum – meetings where disabled people can raise local issues that they want to be sorted out.  'Listening to the views of Forum members will help us to ensure that all disabled people in Halton are able to benefit from the Big Lottery Award', said HDP’s chair Tom Baker. 

"The Forum (paid for by the Big Lottery’s separate Awards for All grants) has already shown its independence by being critical of the lack of information services provided by the Council for disabled people in the area. This is information that is badly needed in the face of the far-reaching changes in benefits system and the health services that are taking place.

“ ' We are delighted that the Big Lottery sees, like we do, the importance of having a single organisation in the area that can be the focus of information and support for disabled people. The grant means that we can now go ahead with plans for paid staff so that we can develop the services that we know local disabled people need, working closely with other voluntary groups and charities in the area',  said Tom.

"The next Halton Disability Forum meeting is on Thursday December 15th at the Stobart Stadium, Widnes, from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. The meeting is open to any disabled people from the area. 'There won’t be any champagne', said Tom 'but we may have a few mince pies to celebrate the start of this new chapter for disabled people in Halton'.

This award marks the second Big Lottery award in recent weeks to MDF member organisations in Halton: in November the Halton Autistic Families Support Group (HAFS) was awarded £107,000 by the Big Lottery - vital help to keeping its important work going for the next few years

Halton Disability Partnership


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Halton Autistic Families Support Group


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