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Trustees & tendering - a practical guide

Help with commissioning and procurement

During Trustees' Week in the autumn a very practical new guide to tendering for charity trustees was launched. Copies are free to download - why not make sure each of your trustees gets a copy?.

"At Your Bidding" has been produced by NAVCA and the Local Government Association and is intended to help charity trustees understand about about commissioning and tendering for public services.

It is not a technical manual - but a very practical guide. There are many VCF organisations that are thinking about tendering for the first time, and their Trustees need information to understand the potential implications and impact of commissioning on their charity. The publication also gives information to Trustees to help them bid for service contracts and make sure their organisation is "tender and contract ready".

NAVCA note that:

"... the pace of change is overwhelming. NAVCA has always argued that commissioning processes must include smaller local charities because we know that this is what gets the best results for local communities. To achieve this we need trustees of local charities to understand commissioning."

NACVA also offer tailored workshops on procurement and tendering - either standard packages (at £540 / day + travel) or bespoke courses.


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NAVCA, At your bidding: tendering for public services, a guide for charity trustees,  November, 2012