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Merger creates "Disability Rights UK"

Disabled people's charities merge to form Disability Rights UK

Three national charities will merge in the new year to form "the largest pan-disability national organisation led by disabled people".

After more than a year of negotiations,  Disability Alliance, the National Centre for Independent Living and Radar are joining on 1/1/12 to form a new organisation Disability Rights UK . The Chief Executive Designate of the new organisation is Liz Sayce, currently Chief Executive of Radar, and chair of the recent report on specialist disability employment.

Between them the three charities have over 600 member organisations across the UK (as well as 500 individual disabled people). They will continue to provide the services of their individual charities, such as:

  • the Radar key,
  • Disability Alliance’s Disability Rights Handbook and
  • NCIL’s Direct Payments and independent living support. 

But they will particularly concentrate on enabling disabled people to have a voice. "Disability Rights UK will be well placed to represent the views of all disabled people across a range of different impairment groups and health conditions."