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LCC grants - what's happening?

Confusion on LCC Community Resource Unit (CRU) grants to voluntary groups

Consultation on the future level of grants to Liverpool's voluntary and community groups by the City has come to a standstill, apparently because of the continuing need for budget cuts. The lack of information about programmes causes big problems for voluntary group's planning next year's activity.

In the spring of 2011 Liverpool City Council announced that grants for voluntary sector groups provided through the Community Resources Unit (CRU) would be reduced for 2012-13 by a further 17.6%. They carried out a consultation - which closed on 17/6/11- about exactly how this should be done.

The options were, in very broad outline, either

  • to continue to offer to fund the existing grant recipients for a further year (but at a reduced rate) or
  • to hold a new round of competitive bidding

The first of these options saved the Council (and the groups already getting funding) a lot of time and effort. But the second gave a chance to new groups or new projects to be funded - at least for one year. 

The results of this consultation have not been released - and it now appears that events have been overtaken by the need for further City Council spending cuts.

The options in the latest LCC budget options include cuts for 2012-13 of 20% (compared with this year), but also of 30%, or  50% - or even 100%. In other words stopping the CRU grant programme entirely. For these increased cuts there might have to be further consultation, so they may not start on 1/4/12.

However, the position is very unclear. And that is not helpful to voluntary sector groups who get these grants and who are  trying to budget for 2012-13.

We have asked for clarification - and we suggest that if this issue affects you you should also email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions.

Let us know if you get an answer.