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User-led disability Organisations - a new Ambassador

Aidan Toomey appointed Ambassador to help the development of User-led organisations in the north west

The Office of Disability Issues is developing a new programme to strengthen local disabled people's user-led organisations (DPULOs). As part of this they are arranging for local Ambassadors to support DPULOs: and Aidan Toomey has been appointed to cover the North West.

The ODI's programme "will give DPULOs the opportunity to build their expertise and improve local services, as well as bid for money for specific projects from a £3 million fund. Aidan’s task wil be to promote the benefits of DPULO’s and to help these organisations in the North West. There are eleven other Ambassadors working in other regions of the UK."

Aidan said of his appointment:

“DPULO’s all over the country are building a strong track record of working alongside disabled people and other key stakeholders to influence and deliver change. This is a really exciting opportunity for me to promote the important work of disabled people in the North West further, and to develop effective and successful partnerships which will help shape future policies and the delivery of services”.

Aidan started his career as an Access Officer with Chester City Council working on projects specific to the disability community and improving Chester as an accessible city (getting accessibility improvements to medieval Chester must have been a big challenge).

He then worked at the Disability Rights Commission on projects to improve accessibility of software and the Internet, and - after that - with the Equality and Human Rights Commission. In addition he has a background in training and teaching on D/deaf equality.

To find out more about the new Ambassador and how he can help your user-led group:
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.