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Transnational - or Transylvania?

Romanian visitors to Merseyside groups

 Two visitors from Romanian came to Liverpool in August 2011 to look at the way Merseyside voluntary organisations work. Our picture shows (from left) Oana Pop and Raluca Pop, Chris Wardle from MDF and Garry D'Arcy, a colleague from Merseyside Expanding Horizons (MEH).

Oana Pop was previously at the Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA) where she worked with MEH on an international Lifelong Learning project. Currently she works with an organisation that supports young people who are blind or partially-sighted at a school in Timosara. She was on a brief study tour to look at voluntary sector groups in England.

We took our visitors on a whirlwind tour that included Bradbury Fields, Daisy, Fazakerly Special Needs Project, Moving on with Life and Learning, North City Play, Rice Lane City Farm and Transform (in the Community). Our thanks to everyone in these groups for their co-operation.

Is your group interested in joint activities or in other links that help you to share experience and good practice with groups in other parts of Europe? Contact MEH who operate the Liverpool Transnational Unit for more information and for any available funding opportunities.