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MDF newsletter

MDF e-news launched

MDF's newsletter is re-launched in August 2011 in a new, electronic, format. We're sending it to you if you are an MDF contact and we have an email address for you.


We've tried to make sure that the format is accessible to screen-readers and other technologies. If we could improve that to help you, please let us know.

A version in text format - as well as the HTML version - is being sent to people we know want that. If someone you know would like to get the MDF news but cannot access email, we will print one out and send it to their postal address if you let us knowt.

You don't like what's in it?

The e-news is to inform voluntary sector groups in Merseyside that are of and for disabled people. If there is something that you think we should be including but we are not - or something that we should be leaving out - please tell us.