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How is the EHRC doing? Comment by 22/7

Consultation on their overall plans by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) 

The EHRC is conducting an extensive consultation on what it should be doing. It is reviewing its last strategic plan and preparing for the next one.

They are asking you to comment on how well they have met the aims of their strategic plan for 2009-2012 – which you need to do by 22/7/11.

The next stage will be a consultation on what priorities EHRC should have over the period from 2012-2015. There will be a 60-day consultation period starting in September, but their proposed plans are published now. You may want to start to consider your reaction to those priorities – especially in the light of recent wider government consultations that seemed to imply that activities to promote equality were Red Tape that needs to be cut back.

Full information about the consultation, and an online survey which you can complete about the EHRCs past performnce: