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Open Public Services - threat or opportunity?

How will plans for Open Public Services affect your group?

On 12/7/11, the Government launched a consultation on the new White Paper Open Public Services, which could mean big changes to the way that government and councils arrange for public service – and big changes for voluntary sector groups that could provide them. They want your comments on the plans by the end of September – or you can send comments to us to incorporate in our reply

Open Public Services

Much of the content of the Open Public Services White Paper has been announced elsewhere, and the government’s position is still that

[if you are ] … a member of a voluntary organisation, opening public services will offer you new opportunities to be involved in delivering public services. Using your wealth of expertise on a wider level, working with partnerships, community groups and service users, you will be able to successfully innovate and expand your provision.

But the White Paper does have some new material. Of particular interest to organisations of and for disabled people is the way it expands upon what the Government means by Personal Budgets. There also might be some significance in how it links the Personalisation agenda and the question of payment by results (people have argued that payment by results gives an advantage to the larger service providers).

MDF will be giving a more in depth response to this later, focusing on how the White Paper has an impact on organisations of and for disabled people. You can comment on the White Paper directly, or pass any thoughts you have to us to incorporate in the MDF response.

Download the White Paper and read various government comments at:


There has already been some excellent analysis produced.