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Are government policies affecting your group?

What effect is government policy having on your organisation?

Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW) want to get together firm evidence about how changes are affecting Equalities groups (including groups of and for disabled people), and you can help this through their research programme Equality, Big Society and Localism in the North West

What has been the impact on your group and on the disabled people and communities you work with of the health reforms, the  welfare reforms, the Big Society, Localism and Local economic development?

VSNW want to get :

  • hard quantitative evidence to understand if there has been a change in the capacity of third sector equalities groups and their ability to support communities
  • evidence about the impact of government policy on equality and third sector groups, both impact up to now, and likely in the future

Can you help? There's an online survey at

Please complete the survey by 25th July - and pass on the information to appropriate colleagues. 

The Survey asks four main sets of questions and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. It asks about:

  • Your organisation and its equality work
  • How current changes are affecting the resources available to VCS equality organisations in the region
  • The impact of Government Policy on your services and the communities you work with
  • Developing a set of indicators to be recommended to Government in order to equality-proof the policy agendas