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New grant: projects to increase volunteering in health and social care

logo for the Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund

Health & Social Care Volunteering Fund

Funds and support are available to voluntary groups and social enterprises from the Department of Health (DH), for innovative projects which help the DH aim to increase the role of volunteering plays in health, in public health, and in social care. Applications close on 25/5/11.

The Department of Health’s Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund (HSCVF) second local grant scheme is now open to applications.

"The Fund aims to increase the DH's investment in volunteering by directly supporting the integration of volunteering into the delivery of DH priorities".

The Fund provides a combination of grant funding and support to organisations. Successful applicants may receive up to £50,000, but must also take up a programme of capacity-building for their organisation, delivered by a national voluntary group, to help manage the project and to improve their long-term sustainability.

What can be funded?

"The Fund will seek projects that have something distinctive and different to offer over existing services, and for their potential to develop new or streamlined systems in health, public health and social care volunteering. Grants will not be provided to projects that simply aim to supply additional core services, or request funding for existing services or continuation funding.

"Projects focused on local priorities, which aim to meet the health, public health and social care needs in their area will be given priority"

There are four themes for funding: 

  • Patient-led NHS: Projects that can demonstrate a real change in how volunteering contributes to health and social care
  • Delivering better health outcomes: Projects that improve the experience of patients, service user and carers through volunteering - and improve the outcome from their treatment or care.
  • Improving public health: Projects that improve public health by reducing inequalities in health and social care, using active volunteering initiatives
  • Improving Health and Social Care: Projects that enable people to have greater choice over their care and support (leading to improvements for individuals), and which use volunteers to complement the existing public and voluntary care. Applications that show the strongest contribution towards these themes through volunteering will be given priority.

Full details and guidance is available from the Health & Social Care Volunteering Fund website  Application for the funding is online. You are advised to register your interest immediately, as this will confirm if you are eligible to apply..