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Neurosupport 2012 legal seminars

Neurosupport’s Legal New Year

Neurosupport, a Liverpool-based charity which offers support and advice for people with neurological conditions, is working with EAD Solicitors in 2012 to offer some information and advice.

First up, on Thursday 19th January, is a seminar on Wills, Probate Power of Attorney, Estate Planning -  invaluable information on such subjects as preparation of wills, inheritance tax and powers of attorney. The day will also include Jamie Popplewell, of the Nestor Partnership, who will pass on his knowledge of means-tested and non-means-tested benefits and highlight upcoming changes to the Benefit system.

This will be followed, on March 22nd 2012, with a seminar on Clinical Negligence - covering topics such as Brain Injury (case histories), Sub-arachnoid Haemorrhage (case histories), and Compensation.

This first trio of seminars will end with a seminar on Employment - taking place on 17th May 2012. Among the topics being discussed will be basic employment rights, the Equality Act 2010, legal points relating to head injury and related conditions, and proposed legislation in relation to Employment Tribunals.

Chief Executive of Neurosupport, Maureen Kelly, said  "Neurosupport is pleased to be working with EAD Solicitors on this wide-ranging and relevant series of seminars. A huge part of our work is helping clients with brain injury and neurological illness come to terms with their condition and navigate their way through the maze of the law, entitlement and employment rights. We hope these days will not only be of great interest to our clients but to the wider community working in the field of employment advice and law’.

The seminars take place at Neurosupport on Norton Street in Liverpool, beginning at 9.30am and ending at 12.30pm.  The cost of the event is £25 for professionals, £5 for the general public.

For more information and to book a place please contact Brian Simpson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and (0151) 298 2999.