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London research: how the cuts affect disabled people

All in this together? Report of the impact of the cuts on Deaf and disabled people in London

A new report on disability in London - especially in the light of the current spending cuts - makes gloomy reading.

The consultants (OPM) conclude that, for disabled people, "genuine equality is a long way from reality" and that present legislation may be seen as moving towards a "bare minimum" standard - providing for basic needs rather than pushing for a genuine shift of social opinion towards disabled people or for an increase in inclusion and participation.

They are also convinced that "the coalition government’s policy agenda will lead to worsening outcomes for disabled people" and that some groups of disabled people may suffer disproportionately, for example, in London, those from a BME background.

The report was produced for Inclusion London, and the full report and a summary can be downloaded from their website.

OPM (for Inclusion London)  All in this together? The impact of spending cuts on Deaf and disabled people in London - An evidence base on Deaf and disabled Londoners and the impact of past and future policies, April 2011