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Put your funding cuts into the national picture

Are your funds being cut? Help build an online national list of cuts

Campaigning about issues facing the voluntary sector will be more effective if information about the scale of the funding cuts is widely known. Many cuts happen at a local level and don't always get reported, or noticed nationally - but they all add up.

A partnership of voluntary sector organisations has arranged a simple online system - the Voluntary Sector Cuts website - where you can report any funding cuts to your group from public bodies. All this information will be made public - by sharing your information  you help build up a picture of the impact of public funding changes on the sector. That provides vital information to anyone who is campaigning, and it shows people not involved in the voluntary sector (whether that's members of the public or politicians) the changes that are happening.

What counts as a cut ?

For these purposes, it's any time that a public body (UK or European) tells you that you will get less money than they had previously agreed - either a grant, a contract or another formal funding arrangement.

This may include them asking you to make efficiency savings or cancelling a previously-agreed grant. Don't include any funding applications you made that have been turned down, but do include funding programmes that have been cancelled, or continuation funding that is withdrawn because of budget cuts.

You'll find a full definition of what counts as a cut , and much more information about this survey, by using the link here to the Voluntary Sector Cuts website where you can complete the simple form

Pass it on!

This information is only effective if as many groups as possible add their cuts to the list. Tell your colleagues in other voluntary groups - not just disability groups - about the website and the importance of collecting this information. (You can email this article to them - click on the picture of a letter +at the top right)

Who’s behind Voluntary Sector Cuts?

Voluntary Sector Cuts is a collaboration between a group of national and regional voluntary and community organisations - including Voluntary Sector North West - who want the information to be collected, and owned, by the voluntary sector itself.