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Merseyside travel plan consultation - until 30th Nov

Logo of the Merseyside Local Transport PlanMerseyside LTP3 - consultation until 30/11/10

Between now and the end of November is your chance to comment on what is probably the final draft - it's called the Preferred Strategy - of the Local Transport Plan for the whole of Merseyside, which is promoted as A new mobility culture for Merseyside.

The Plan (the third one of its kind) covers the period from 2011 to 2116 and beyond, and brings together plans for public transport (buses and trains and ferries), private cars, cycling and walking - and for freight - in a way that aims to meet a number of general objectives for Merseyside. These objectives include:

  • economic success
  • reduction in carbon emissions (to help with the issue of global warming)
  • equality and
  • better health and well-being

Transport and mobility are key to breaking down barriers for many disabled people. That's both public transport (for disabled people when car-owning is not an option); but also the ability to get to places by car (for disabled people for whom a car is the only way of getting around).

The launch of the consultation was at a breakfast meeting on September 8th - and yes, we have told Merseytravel in the past that 8am is not the most accessible time for any disabled people who need the co-operation of carers or personal assistants).

The Plan has been in the pipeline - and subject to previous rounds of consultations - for a couple of years now. At the launch, Cllr Dowd (Chair of the Integrated Transport Authority for Merseyside) stressed that recent national changes meant that it could only now be "aspirational".

There have been many changes to public policies and public organisations in the past few months since the change of government.  These have been coupled with uncertainly about the exact level of public spending cuts (except for the certainty that there will be big cuts). At the moment it is probable that, though the new government supports the principle of a Local Transport Plan, and though the overall objectives and the ideas for achieving those will still remain,  in practice many of plans might have to be postponed or re-negotiated.

The plan, and supporting information that includes a video presentation, can be seen on the Local Transport Plan website, where you can also make your comments online on the long-term strategy, or the short-term ideas and plans for achieving the strategies.

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Address: TravelWise Merseyside, Local Transport Plan Support Unit, 24 Hatton Garden, Liverpool L3 2AN