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Liverpool City funding available - apply by 14th October

Liverpool Community Resources Unit funding for 2011-2012 - by October 14th

The application process for this funding from the City Council opened on September 1st, after a long period of consultation and some last-minute changes.

Applications are accepted from voluntary groups for projects benefiting Liverpool residents in four specific categories:

  • Community Legal Advice services
  • Support for victims of domestic violence
  • Stronger communities: projects that lead to "strong vibrant, more resilient and cohesive communities that promote equality and challenge discrimination"
  • Capacity-building for community and voluntary organisations

Full details, guidelines and other resources are available on the Liverpool CRU website.

MDF is funded under the current round of Liverpool CRU funding to support disability groups within the City.  Depending on our capacity, we may be able to help disability groups with developing applications, and also (again subject to capacity in the next six weeks) to advise other groups about making their proposed projects for CRU funding accessible to disabled people. 

This funding is for one year only. No formal decision has been taken about the following years. However, we believe that  - even if funding is secured for the CRU programme from March 2012 onwards - there will be a separate application process in late 2010. Any 2011-2012 awards made in this current round will not be automatically extended, if only because the City's priorities may have changed by that date.