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NCVO wants your evidence to influence the national spending review

National Spending Review - do you have information that will help the NCVO make a case to the government?

The national spending review will be published in October, and the views of various external bodies are being sought in August. The NCVO will be putting forward evidence on behalf of the voluntary sector in the face of expectations for serious cuts in most areas of government spending. They want information from voluntary groups about their experience and their hopes.

A fuller briefing and more details of how to respond are on the NCVO's website.  They are specifically asking VCS groups to help them bring forward evidence and experience on these seven questions ....

  • What elements of current commissioning and procurement practice should continue and what changes would be helpful?

  • The Government has indicated its commitment to localismand the desire to devolve decision making power.  In what ways should central government play a role in driving good practice in commissioning and procurement and strategic relationships at the local level?  

  • What changes to the commissioning and procurement process would enable greater financial resilience for your organisation?

  • What infrastructure provision is needed in the sector, and how should government support this?

  • NCVO is committed to working with the government to simplify Gift Aid: what improvements in Gift Aid would benefit your organisation?

  • What changes in VAT and tax regulation would be of benefit to your organisation?

  • Do you have experience or examples of good commissioning and of procurement practice that should be replicated?