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Pubic transport abuse or hate crime? Tell Merseytravel now.

Merseytravel looking for information to support their evidence to the national Disability Hate Crime enquiry

As part of a submission to the EHRC's enquiry into Disability Hate Crime, Merseytravel is looking for information about incidents on local buses and trains. They believe there may be many more of these (from other passengers, or even staff) than they know about. Now is a crucial time to let them have your evidence.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is carrying out a formal enquiry into Disability Hate Crime - and that includes not just headline-grabbing injuries, but also abuse and harassment . Merseytravel is concerned about such incidents on public transport in Merseyside. They collect statistics of incidents of that sort, but they are sure that many people who are abused on trains, or get turned away from buses, don't make a formal complaint - and if they do it doesn't necessarily get to Merseytravel.

Merseytravel has done a lot to make buses and trains (and the ferries) physically accessible: but a climate of abuse and hate crime could be a bigger barrier keeping disabled people from using transport - and thus maintaining isolation and reducing opportunity..

You can help the Merseytravel's reponse to the EHRC (and you can do that even if your group is not planning to make a formal response to the EHRC).

  • Does your organisation have a view about these incidents as they affect your members?

  • Are there particular journeys or people that are affected? 

Contact Merseytravel with that information as soon as possible so that they can base their answers on real experiences in the area.

Individual disabled people can also contact Merseytravel with details of incidents - both for the present enquiry and in future. Reporting doesn't always lead to immediate changes: it is often much easier to buy new equipment than to change people's attidudes. But if incidents don't get reported it is easy for people who decide on national or local budgets to say that the problem is unimportant, and so it doesn't need any spending to try and put it right.


Paula Coppel
Merseytravel, 24 Hatton Garden, Liverpool L3 2AN
T: (0151) 330 1291 (but please use email if possible)
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