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Richard McLinden to chair Liverpool Corporate Access Group

Cllr Richaard McLindenCongratulations to Richard McLindenon his appointment as chair of the Liverpool City Council's Corporate Access Group. Cllr McLinden brings his experience of many years working for Liverpool Association for Disabled People (LAD) to this crucial role in keeping the "public realm" in Liverpool accessible, both for Merseysiders and for visitors to the city.

Richard McLindenhas worked for LAD for over a decade and has long experience especially in accessibility issues, and in advocacy when there is a crisis situations. He was elected to represent Warbreck ward in the council elections of 2009, and in July 2010 has been asked to Chair the Liverpool Corporate Access Group (CAG), and also to be an assistant Member of the City's Cabinet.

CAG is an advisory group bringing together officers from the City Council (especially from the Equalities Service, but also from Regeneration, Parks and Recreation and others) with representatives of disability groups in the City. It is mainly concerned with improving access to public buildings and the streets and parks of the city. It aims to work at a strategic level - looking at the LCC access policies, and how well they operate in practice. It also has played an important role in bringing pressure for changes to key buildings such as St Georges Hall and the Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre.

Minutes of the CAG meetings are on the city council website

For more information about CAG, or how to get involved, contact:

Carie Lee, Equal Opportunities Service, Liverpool City Council
T: (0151) 225 2413
Textphone: (0151) 225 2684
E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.