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Listen Value Invest

... a new campaign for the voluntary sector in the NW

"Listen Value Invest" is a new campaign movement for the Third Sector in Engllisten-value-invest-logoand’s North West. Launched in a special event at the Houses of Parliament on 2/3/10, it asks MPs and other decision makers to listen to, value and invest in the voluntary and community sector.

As we move towards a General Election, there has never been a more important time to show that listening to, valuing and investing in the sector is vital, not just for people and communities, but for the wider economy as well.

Listen Value Invest is based on case studies which demonstrate the sector supporting individuals, transforming communities and, importantly, delivering tangible economic benefits. This powerful combination of personal stories linked to genuine economic benefit will show decision-makers that the work of the Third Sector delivers real value for our region and will reinforce our role as not just a deliverer of services, but as a campaigning sector and shaper of services.

How your organisation can get involved:

Listen Value Invest was devised by Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW), but organisations and groups of all sizes and types are able to take part – the more who get on board, the stronger and more unified our voice will be.

VSNW want as many groups as possible to adopt the slogan, use the branding and contribute their stories.  This will make the campaign into a strong, grass roots movement. We will show decision makers that our sector is proactive, that we are clear in our messaging and that we are working in a joined up way.

By showing them relevant stories and examples of good practice from our localities, we will be demonstrating the social and economic value of the third sector across the North West.

We will also show them that listening to, valuing and investing in the third sector makes a real difference to people, communities and society

Here are some ways your group can get involved: 

  • Contribute your own stories to the Listen Value Invest website – whether these are written, audio or video, you can upload them, as well as accessing information on how to gather stories and resources for presenting them.
  • Show the world you’re part of the campaign by using the Listen Value Invest logo in your publicity, documents, websites and events – you will find it at the Listen Value Invest website in a variety of formats.
  • Use the Listen Value Invest logo and message when you’re communicating with your MP, councillors or other decision makers.
  • Have your stories made up into postcards and other promotional materials – you may wish to use your own designs, or alternatively you can contact our preferred designer to request your own postcards that look like the launch examples.
  • Encourage other groups to get involved – you can download a Powerpoint presentation from the Listen Value Invest website
  • Become a member of Voluntary Sector North West to receive regular information, policy updates and resources to help you engage with decision makers.
  • Tell us your success stories in the campaign, so we can gather evidence to show that our tasks are having an impact!


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