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Liverpool to reduce social care eligibility?

Threshold for adult social care in Liverpool may rise: consultation March - June  

Liverpool City Council is proposing to stop providing council-funded care services - for example support at home or supply of equipment - to people whose needs are classed as "moderate".

There are four eligibility bands for social care established by national guidance: "low", "moderate", "substantial" and "critical", and councils can decide which levels they can afford to support.  LCC currently supports people in the moderate band and above, but because of funding cuts it is planning in future to only support people in the "substantial" or "critical" categories. (LCC says that  three-quarters of councils have the same limitation already).

This reduction of eligibility would apply to all new users of social care support in Liverpool. It will also affect all existing users who are classed as needing "moderate" support - but only after LCC has reviewed their needs, a review that will "require a greater emphasis on prevention and reablement services".

The proposals are subject to consultation up to 13/6/11, Full details of the consultation arrangements and the public meetings that are being held are in the LCC statement that you can download from here.