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"Excellent support from MDF"

Mike Hobbs - Aspire Trust

"We received excellent support from MDF in all aspects of putting the submission together, marketing and promoting the project and we received a grant of £6k for the project.

"...we recruited, trained and developed 12 disabled people within the Merseyside area to become researchers who undertook a broad range of community engagement projects, and pursued volunteering and employment opportunities within this area.

 "The project involved an integrated series of training events ... aimed at developing their employability skills in parallel with project-specific skills, including research and evaluation. Sessions included research design and methodologies, ethics, fieldwork, note-taking and data recording, data analysis and report writing, interview skills and examining examples of best practice ...."

People who came on courses that were funded by ECF were also happy:

  • " I found it inspiring in looking at creative ways of analysing and presenting research findings. It was clear to me that the standard written report ... is not always the clearest way of presenting research findings. Similarly how research question is created and modified and the research undertaken is often best done in more creative ways."
  • "I found the course very interesting. There were several thought-provoking sessions. I particularly liked the session which was run by·[a disabled actor]. The project made me think a lot about different societies' attitudes to disability and how art can play a role in breaking down stereotypes about disability."
  • "I would like to comment on the course I attended with Aspire Trust. I enjoyed the subjects each week and the guest speakers who would then bring the details to the weekly subject. This first-hand knowledge and the discussions·were excellent and really brought the class together. This often went on after class with the other students who were a great group of interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds. "