MDF helps "life changing" ECF bid

George McKane - The Yellow House

"...the support we received from MDF was absolutely  tremendous..." 

The Yellow House, working directly with young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, made an application to The Employable Communities Fund in summer 2010.

George McKane, founder of Yellow House, contacted MDF, not only for an application form but for some advice and assistance in completing the form.

George said,"From the start to finish everyone at MDF was more than welcoming, friendly and helpful. Maureen came out to The Yellow House to see exactly how we work and was able to meet some of the the young people and also give me the benefit of her experience and knowledge.

"We applied to the ECF for £11,075 and received the full amount. In today's climate, I was shocked, I thought we may have received a percentage. It was fantastic.

"I believe that it was the support I received from MDF that helped with our funding application that helped us to get the full amount. Our work is with those young people with disabilities, and learning and social difficulties that sometimes get left behind, this grant will help us to train around 20 young people in many new skills, to increase self-esteem and confidence and to alleviate the symptoms of poverty, not only financial but spiritual poverty.

"It is a great Fund, really getting to those who need it and the support we received from MDF was absolutely  tremendous. Very much appreciated by myself and most importantly the young beneficiaries. It is fair to say it has been "life changing"  and making a serious difference to the young people's futures.

Thanks to everyone."