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3/11 deadline - mental health & criminal justice funding

Lloyds TSB funding for groups working to deliver aspects of the Bradley Report: deadline  3/11/10

"Lloyds TSB are interested in funding registered charities that are working together with statutory services to deliver the recommendations from the Bradley Report, and improve the outcomes and experience of people with mental health problems and learning disabilities who have been in the criminal justice system."

Applications :

  • neded to be new or innovative, pushing existing ‘boundaries’, or
  • need to extend or replicate an existing and proven model of working, or
  • need to  improve joined-up working with statutory agencies to deliver better services.

 ‘Expression of Interest’ detailing the work funding is being requested for, need to be received by the Foundation’s London office at  5 pm on Wednesday 3 November, 2010.

Futher details on the Foundation website