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Mersey Docks 500 Fund (CFM)

Mersey Docks & Harbour Co. 500 Fund (CFM)

The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company Fund supports charitable groups with general, small grant, funding.

Purpose: Small grants to support community and voluntary work generally within the The fund is available to groups working on any community project in Liverpool, Sefton or Wirral. Grants can be for virtually anything.

To be eligible for a grant your project must:

  • be of benefit to the local community
  • bit in with the charitable aims and objectives of your group
  • build the capacity of the community to help itself
  • be based on real need
  • show value for money
  • show local community involvement in the decision making of the organisation
  • employ or be working towards equal opportunities principles and practices

Priority will be given to:

  • innovative projects
  • groups who have a connection with the river/sea
  • groups financially independent of a national organisation
  • groups that have not received major grants recently or do not have access to other sources of funding

However, to enable smaller charities in the local area to access financial support, the Company has asked the Community Foundation for Merseyside to establish this fund.

Area: Sefton, Liverpool and Wirral

Grant Range: Up to 500 (250 for Un-constituted groups)

Who Can Apply: Charitable organisations and constituted groups (those who have unrestricted funds of less than 5000 are a priority). Un-constituted groups may also apply for a restricted amount.

How to Apply: Application form - see website.

When to Apply: Check next deadline with Community Foundation for Merseyside.

Contact :

Joan Ford, Grants Officer

Community Foundation for Merseyside
c/o Alliance & Leicester
Bridle Road

T: 0151 966 3551/4604
F: 0151 966 3384
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.