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Q: Can we influence Police priorities?

Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner and the Voluntary and Community Sector

On 15/11/12, Merseyside voted for candidates for new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). Jane Kennedy (Labour) was elected and is responsible for drawing up detailed plans for the tackling of crime and general policing as well as the whole area of community safety.

  •  The PCC must produce a 5-year Police and Crime Plan based on local priorities, setting out the objectives for policing in the area, what resources will be provided to the Chief Constable and making grants to organisations.
  • The PCC must also publish an annual report on progress in policing and has to work in partnership with a many organisations and local authorities to deliver effective policing, as well as contributing to national requirements.

Community engagement is an important part of the Police and Crime Plan. The voluntary community and faith sector (VCF) needs to be in contact with, and needs to influence, the PCC and the new ways of arranging for police services. For example, these new arrangements could have a big effect on VCF organisations that are paid to provide services to do with criminal justice or community safety.

Sefton CVS was commissioned to set up a Merseyside PCC VCF Sector network. This started in May 2012, bringing together a  range of local VCF Sector organisations, criminal justice partners and official bodies. The network will to discuss how the Merseyside VCF Sector can work in partnership with the PCC on issues connected with crime and offenders.

For more information click here for the Sefton CVS website  (from which this article is adapted)

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