Q: What access equipment is available for voluntary groups in Merseyside?

Equipment to improve access for disabled people in Merseyside

Are you a voluntary group that needs to use access equipment to help disabled people?

In the Merseyside area, there are voluntary groups that have a range of access equipment – things like hearing loops and text phones – that can help break down barriers for disabled people who want to make use of services.

The groups have some of this equipment installed in their offices, to help disabled visitors to the premises. Some of it is available for loan or for hire by other voluntary groups.

These groups are "infrastructure organisations" that are members of the Greater Merseyside ChangeUp Consortium which arranged for this information to be compiled.

Infrastructure organisations are voluntary groups whose job is to support other voluntary groups. These organisations are committed to continuously improving their services for disabled people.

Follow the links here to see what equipment each organisation has available:



ChangeUp was the Home Office Capacity Building and Infrastructure Framework that looked forward to 2014, with the aim that:

… the needs of frontline voluntary and community organisations will be met by support which is available nationwide, structured for maximum efficiency, offering excellent provision which is accessible to all while reflecting and promoting diversity.

The Merseyside Changeup Consortium included the main infrastructure bodies that serve frontline organisations, whether locally or throughout Merseyside.

Access equipment available

In 2006, ChangeUp asked Merseyside Disability Federation to carry out a survey of access equipment around the area.

This survey is regularly updated and the latest list of available equipment can be found using the links on this page.

  • Please note carefully any restrictions – for example, some organisations are only able to make equipment available in their own District.
  • To use the equipment found on that list, please get in touch with the named contact – or with the general number or email of the organisation that owns the equipment. MDF is not able to make bookings for loans or hire – you need to deal directly with the organisation that owns the equipment.
  • Equipment of this type is also available for hire from companies at commercial rates. The purpose of our list is to share resources between charities and other voluntary and community groups. If you are a commercial organisations that needs access equipment, please contact commercial suppliers in the first instance. You should offer commercial rates if you approach organisations on this list.

The list is updated regularly – if you find any errors please tell the organisation that owns the equipment. Please also tell us if you know of other organisations that have equipment like this that voluntary groups can hire or can borrow and that we should add to this list. Contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information on these lists is provided to MDF by the organisations that own the equipment: MDF is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies.