What We Do

Our strategic aims are to:

  • continuously improve development and support for disabled people and their organisations
  • develop, undertake and disseminate intelligence about disability issues based on sound research
  • positively influence policy and decision-making and track implementation

What do we do?

Strategic networking

We make sure that the voice of disabled people and their organisations are heard in regional, sub-regional and district strategy bodies.

Local networking

We share best practice and other good (and bad) examples across Merseyside.


We link voluntary, statutory and commercial organisations together so that issues affecting disabled people and their organisations can be tackled. Some partnerships that we have been involved with include:


We answer specific questions from voluntary groups, and we produce a newsletter to keep groups up-to-date with relevant changes in local and national policies and priorities, and alert them to new opportunities, resources and potential problems.


We assemble statistics on the number and situation of disabled people and we carry out specific research projects that affect or involve disabled people and the voluntary sector.


We have distributed grants to voluntary groups in Merseyside where the results will benefit the development of disabled people. We help groups to access a wide range of other funding, training and development opportunities.

Particular highlights of 2012 included:

  • our Co-production and Partnership conference in October which brought together nationally significant speakers to discuss how groups and councils can work together on new ways of doing things
  • a unique piece of research into Personalisation (that’s giving disabled people more choice and control). The results were picked up far and wide
  • working with other groups in the region, delivering Disability Equality Training and accessibility checks on premises and services
  • working with partners in Voluntary Sector North West
  • piloting our new “health check” tool GEMINI. This helps groups to see how ready they are to work with the Personalisation of social care
  • working in the new Transforming Local Infrastructure partnerships in Wirral and Liverpool
  • getting funds from the Office for Disability Issues to establish a regional network of Disabled People's User-Led Organisations
  • working with partners on the EU-funded Working Better project looking at mentoring and the role of GPs as gateways to support from voluntary group
  • we began to revisit the realities of Personalisation, with a well-attended workshop in our new home - in the heart of Old Swan - which we moved to at the end of the year
  • working with partners from other countries – such as visitors from groups in France, Belgium, Ireland and Turkey as part of the Look Beyond Disability EU project

MDF’s Values are

  • Equity
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Innovation

MDF’s Trustees, staff and volunteers share a vision of

A society where people are not disabled by the actions, attitudes or environments of the community in which they live and work.

In pursuit of this vision trustees, staff and volunteers will:

Work with partners and stakeholders to positively influence policy and practices to remove the barriers that disable people.

Logo - Investors in People